Are you going through one of the most difficult transitions one can experience? Are you looking for information to help you navigate through what can often be overwhelming financially and emotionally.

Joan Sinclair is an experienced mediator who will help you reach reasonable agreements around all aspects of separation. She will act as your guide, helping you address issues such as child and spousal support, conflict resolution, parenting plans and equalization of assets and debts. Joan is well-versed in all areas of family mediation and separation and provides her clients with comprehensive and customized guidance and support throughout the process to a resolution that is coauthored.

Family mediation is a non-adversarial, solution-focused way to resolve family issues such as separation, divorce, parent/teen relationships, adult/children and aging parent issues. Mediation provides you with an opportunity to face each other directly without risk while you identify and address the unresolved conflicts that get in the way of negotiating a successful agreement. Family Mediation can significantly help reduce the pain, time, and expense of finding solutions. Study after study shows that mediated agreements result in less litigation than imposed court judgments.

For more information please see Guide to Family Mediation.